Self-Service FAQs

The Self-Service FAQs topic provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Self-Service component.

ClosedMy status gauges are not making any progress. What is the issue?

The eCapture® by IPRO Worker needs to be turned on.

ClosedWill data that I’m processing through the system have images generated?

No, you need to get images.

Follow the Enterprise Review Enterprise Imaging workflow.

See Enterprise Review for more information.

ClosedI lost my connection. How do I continue uploading?

An error will display, allowing you to re-que.

See Requeue a Job in Enterprise Media Manager.

ClosedMy custodian doesn’t currently exist in my case, how can I add them?

You can add them on the fly using the button.

ClosedI’m trying to upload loose files to Self-Service.  Why am I getting an error message?

You must upload in a container format (zip, rar, pst, nsf, etc.).

ClosedHow do I pause or cancel an upload after it has begun?

See Pause, Cancel or Restart an Upload for more information.

ClosedHow do I know if any errors occurred while uploading my documents?

If there are any documents with errors, the number of errors display on the status gauge in Upload history and status grid.

The errors also display when you click the status gauge to display the Job Status popup.


ClosedHow much data can I post through Self-Service?

There is no limit on the amount of data you can upload through Self-Service. The recommendation of upload size is completely dependent upon the user’s bandwidth and upload speed.