About Relationships

Relationships are based on the content of a specific field. When users select a particular document and want to view relationship details in Enterprise, the Relationships panels presents all documents with matching field content (as in a field-specific search).

The Relationships panels are available at the left side of the Document Viewer that displays when you click a document listed in the Results tab view. There are six default panels that associate relationships with each new case: Family, Duplicates, Near Duplicates, Email Thread, Document History, and Similar Documents.

Any additional relationships created for a case can be added to the collapsed Relationships panels. To display any relationships that are not visible, click the below the collapsed panels on the left side. Additional custom relationships may be created through Enterprise Case Administration. Existing case group permissions can be assigned for each relationship.

To view the relationship information for the currently displayed document, click the desired relationship tab. Click the pin icon in the top right corner of the relationships tab to keep it open.

View Related Batch Documents

Click the Family panel as shown in the following:

A BEGDOC hyperlink indicates the document is part of the review pass. If the BEGDOC listing does not have a hyperlink, it is outside of the review pass and cannot be viewed from the Review grid. However, the document may be viewed on the Results tab.

Click the BEGDOC hyperlinks to display that document in the Document Viewer window. Return to the original document by clicking Back to original document as shown in the following:

If other BEGDOC hyperlinks are clicked within the relationship menu, clicking Back to original document returns back to the document that was first viewed within that family.

The BEGDOC hyperlinks also display in other Relationships panels, such as Email Thread, Duplicates, Near Duplicates, Document History, and Similar Documents.

Clicking outside of the open relationship tab automatically collapses it.

Click the pin icon again to collapse the relationships tab.

Apply Mass Actions (coding and/or tagging) on selected items in a relationships panel.


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