Review Pane

The Review pane consists of the following:

  • Relationship Menus: Displays the default IPRO Template relationship menus (Document History, Family, Near Duplicates, Email Thread, and Duplicates) and any other custom defined relationship menus.

  • Viewer Option Icons: Display the document in a separate Document View and split the Document View screens.

  • Document View tabs:

    • Web Viewer: Displays natives.
    • Image: Displays TIFF, JPG, PNG, or PDF files.
    • Production: Displays the production images
    • Text: Displays extracted text field for each document.
    • Metadata: Displays the metadata fields and corresponding values for the document.
  • Review Passes drop-down menu: Displays Review Pass selections configured by the administrator in Enterprise Case Management and/or Enterprise ECA Case Administration.

  • Enter Case: Opens the Case View where the Enterprise Administrator configures the searches and other administrative functions (review passes, keyword management, coding forms, etc.) for review.

  • Review Status: Options include Not Reviewed (default), Reviewed, and On Hold.

  • Coding Form: Displays fields associated with the current Review Pass selection and the associated Tag Palette.

  • Review Navigation toolbar: Save changes to the current document, move to the next document for review, or Undo changes

Before you get started reviewing documents in batches, you might want to watch the Working in Batches video.

ClosedClick here to watch the Working in Batches video

Working in Batches video

The following video provides a basic review of working in batches. The purpose of the video is to help you:

  • Understand how to open a review pass
  • Learn where to tag or code documents
  • Understand navigation of Review

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