Check In Batches

Checking in a batch is available through the Review Grid layout. When entering the review pass for the first time, the Document Viewer window automatically opens in the foreground and displays the first document in the batch. The review grid remains in the background. The grid displays a highlight for the corresponding document shown in the Document Viewer window.

Proceed to review the documents in the batch. When ready, select the Check In button above the review grid. Once the batch is checked in, the next available batch will open in the same review pass by default.

To check in a reviewed batch, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Document View tabs window, follow Conduct Review for each document in the batch.
  2. After the last document is reviewed for the batch, close the Document Viewer window.
  3. From the review grid, click to display the Check In Batch dialog box as shown here:

  4. Select the option Open next available batch if you want to review the next available batch.
  5. Click Submit. A prompt displays to indicate that the batch was checked in, and the Document Viewer window opens displaying the first document for the next batch provided that the option, “Open next available batch”, was selected.


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