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The ECA & Review module of Enterprise allows users to review, analyze, and annotate case documents with efficient, easy-to-use tools.

Based on the permissions set by the case administrator, Enterprise Review users can:

  • View document relationships (family, duplicates, document history)

  • Manage review using review passes

  • Code and Tag documents

  • Quickly identify email threads for more efficient review

  • Add redactions and highlights

  • Edit document text and/or data field content

  • Perform mass action coding and tags on document sets

  • View a variety of image, native, and text files concurrently from a single interface

  • Uncover any timeline spikes or gaps in the collected data
  • Use advanced and/or visual search to efficiently find case data

  • Add redactions and highlights.

  • Schedule keyword searches to further automate the process.

For more information on case set-up and other tasks typically done by a Case Administrator, see the Case Administration home page


Before you Begin

Before working in Enterprise, the product installation must be completed and your Enterprise system or case administrator must define you as an Enterprise user. In addition:

  • Your administrator will assign you to a group that is assigned to one or more cases and/or review batches.

  • The abilities you will have are based on the permissions defined for your group in conjunction with the case you access. For example, specific permissions exist for the following:

    • Access to the list of review passes in the Review home page.

    • Access details on the tabs in the Review pane (image, extracted text, and so on.)

  • Tagging, redacting, and other review actions

  • If you have any questions about your permissions, contact your Enterprise administrator.

  • Your administrator must provide you with the Enterprise URL at your company, as well as a user name and password.

Tip: Both name and password are case sensitive—make sure you obtain the correct capitalization. User names and passwords are assigned by the Enterprise system administrator(s). Keep your credentials in a safe place. If you forget your login credentials, contact your Enterprise administrator.

Administrative Access

Users belonging to the SuperAdmin group can open all cases in Enterprise. They can also open (and will be assigned) unassigned batches in any case, or open other users’ batches.

Users who are not in the SuperAdmin group but have been given case management permissions can open all cases to which they have been assigned. In addition, they can open (and will be assigned) unassigned batches in their cases, or open other user’s batches.

Working Sessions

Once you start Enterprise, your working session will remain active as long as you work in the application.

If there is a pause in your activity, the session may time out; a message will alert you that the session is idle. If this happens, click OK in response to the message and log in again.