Select a Case and Review Pass

To select a case and review pass in the ECA & Review module of Enterprise, proceed through the following steps:

  1. Click ECA & Review on the Enterprise Home page to open the Review home page.

  2. On the Review home page, do one of the following to select a case:

The funnel graph and Review Passes display for the selected case.

The funnel graph depicts the number of case documents that are loaded, in review, and produced. Each Review Pass depicts the percentage of documents reviewed, a progress bar, the review pass name, and the total number of documents.

Note: To close the funnel graph, click in the upper right corner.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To open a review pass, click the desired review pass located on the right side of the funnel graph. The Review pane opens with the batch document set, pre-defined relationships, and the coding form/tag palette. Begin reviewing documents. For more information, see Conduct Review.
    • To enter the Review case, click the Enter Case button beneath the list of review passes on the right side of the funnel graph. Once you have entered the Review case, you can complete administrative functions such as running searches on your data set, creating coding forms, and managing review passes. To learn more about these processes, see Review: Administer Case Reviews.

Case Selection video

The following video provides a basic review of the Case Selection Screen functionality. The purpose of the video is to help you to:

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