Work with the Saved Searches & Smart Folders Panel

About the Saved Searches & Smart Folders Panel

The Saved Searches & Smart Folders panel contains the folder hierarchy showing where you have stored your searches. The hierarchy comprises folders that are labeled Private, Public, and Shared.

For the definition of these folders and how to create, edit, and delete them, see Work with Public, Shared, and Private Search Folders.

Smart Folders

In addition, the panel lists Smart Folders. For a definition of how Smart Folders work, see Work with Smart Folders.

Recent Searches

Recent Searches are also displayed in the panel. When a Visual Search (see Define a Visual Search) or an Advanced Search ( see Define an Advanced Search) is conducted, The Recent Searches area in the Saved Searches & Smart Folders panel allows you to locate the search.

Note: A horizontal scroll bar in the Saved Search area now displays when the search name is too long to view the entire name at once.

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