Searching Overview

One of the key ways you will find required documents is to search the Enterprise Review database. This section explains the different ways in which you can search the database.

Enterprise Review uses a powerful search engine that can search terabytes in seconds. It does this by building a comprehensive index of terms and data for each case added to Enterprise Review. Using an index allows search speed and performance to be optimized.

Search technology includes the dtSearch search engine (from dtSearch Corp.) for SQL databases.

Searching includes finding documents by criteria that exist in the database. For example, you can search for documents that are tagged a certain way, or search for a term that exists in a specific field of the database.

An easy-to-use search function allows you to specify the search criteria, and includes sophisticated options such as stemming, fuzzy, and phonetic searching. For more information, see Create and Save an Advanced Search.

Search results can include either all documents matching your search criteria, or a random sampling of these documents. Random sampling allows you to focus your evaluation on a representative set of documents.

Permissions Required

Specific permissions exist for using Advanced search. Permissions regarding other search features also exist.

If you have any questions about your permissions, contact your Enterprise Review administrator.


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