Tag Multiple Documents

If you have the permissions needed to do so, use the following procedure to tag multiple documents in the same way all at once. Mass Actions are actions performed on multiple documents at one time such as populating coding fields and/or applying tags. Existing permissions apply for mass actions. Mass actions are performed from any relationship menu except for Document History. See About Relationships for more information.

  1. Complete the steps described in Select Documents for Mass Action .

  1. Expand the desired relationship menu and pin it in place by clicking .

  2. Select the check box to the left of the field columns to display the button as shown in the following figure. All items are selected.
  1. Do any of the following:
    • Clear items to be excluded for mass actions.

    • Clear the check box to the left of the field columns to clear all items in the menu.

    • Select individual items for mass actions.

  2. Click to display the coding form/tag palette dialog as shown in the following figure.
  3. Note: Coding form rules are not enforced when tags are applied in this manner.

  4. Do any of the following:
    • Modify the coding form fields as needed.

    • Select the applicable tag group.

    • Add individual tags by moving the slider over to the right as shown in here:

    • Remove tags by moving the slider to the left as shown in here:

    Note: When the slider control is left in the center, the tag remains unchanged as shown here:

  5. Click . The Mass Action dialog closes and applies the fields/tags to the selected documents. The previously selected documents in the selected Relationship menu revert to the default status; they are all cleared. The coding form/tag palette reflects the changes made in the Mass Actions dialog.
  6. Note: A prompt may appear if invalid characters and/or formats are entered in the coding form or if the number of characters exceed the amount allowed for a field.

  7. Repeat the previous steps for other groups of documents needing to be tagged in the same way.