Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Tags

Enterprise allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to tags in order to further streamline the process of reviewing documents. Once a keyboard shortcut has been assigned, users can simply press the keys associated with that shortcut to apply the tag to a document. Keyboard shortcuts are managed on the Tag Palette tab, under Case Settings in the Review module. For instructions on how to review documents using keyboard shortcuts, see Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Review Documents.

To assign a keyboard shortcut to a tag:

  1. In Enterprise Review, click on a case card.

  2. Click the Enter Case button.

    The Case View displays.

  3. On the left side of the Case View page, click the Case Settings button. The case setting tabs appear on the right.

  4. Click the Tag Palette tab.
  5. Select a pre-defined tag group from the left-side panel that contains the tags you wish to assign shortcuts to. (Note: If you wish to sort the tag palettes list, click to display the sort menu and choose an option.)

  6. The selected tag group displays, along with its associated tags. Select the pencil icon above the tag group to make changes.

  7. Define shortcut keys for any tags in the group. By default, the shortcut combo consists of the SHIFT button plus a key of your choosing. Select the key from a drop-down menu. Keys that have been applied to other tags appear grayed out and cannot be selected.

  8. Follow these steps to assign shortcut keys to other tags in the tag group currently being modified. When finished, click Save.
  9. Proceed to assign shortcut keys to tags in other tag groups, following the steps above.
  10. Inform reviewers of the new keyboard shortcuts available.


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