Resize the Coding Form / Tag Palette Panel

The Document Viewer contains a panel to the right; the panel is divided into separate areas for the coding form (top) and the tag palette (bottom). You can resize these areas to allow them to maintain different proportions as required. Within the panel there is a horizontal bar that separates the two areas; the bar can be dragged vertically to allocate more or less space to either the top portion (coding form) or the bottom portion (tag palette) of the panel.

To resize the coding form / tag palette panel, mouse over the horizontal bar within the panel. When the mouse pointer changes to the double arrow, drag the bar either up or down, depending on how you want to size the two areas.

Note: The resized setting will remain after you close and re-open the Document Viewer, and after you close the session as well. To change this setting, you must manually reset the horizontal bar.


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