Create Near Duplicate Search Excluding Email Thread

You can combine Email Threading and Near Duplicate technology to create batches for review. This allows you to use Email Threads to review emails and their attachments, and Near Duplicate technology to review the remaining loose documents.

  1. Follow the process for creating Full Thread or Inclusive Email Searches. For more information, see Create Email Full Thread Search and Create Inclusive Email Thread Search .

  2. Open the Advanced Search window to create a new Field Search. Include Families on the search by ensuring Family is selected from the drop-down.

  3. The criteria of the search should identify all documents that received a Near Duplicate value, and are not part of the Email Thread searches. This can be accomplished by searching for any documents where the IA ND Family field contains a value greater than 1 AND Is NOT In [Email Thread Searches].This can be accomplished with the following criteria. For more information about the IA ND Family field and other near-duplicate fields, see Understand Near-Duplicate Fields .

  4. Click and provide a name for the search. For example you could name the search Near Dupe_Not Email Thread.

  5. When creating a new Active Learning Disabled Review Pass use your Advanced Search for the documents to be batched. See Work with Active Learning Disabled Review Passes for additional information.

    Note: When creating a Near-Duplicate review batch the following fields should be selected:

    • Set the family field to IA ND Family to ensure all Near-Duplicates are kept together.

    • Sort the Review Pass by IA ND Sort ascending.


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