Automatic Report Detection

The discovery ][ Enterprise system is capable of automatically detecting and displaying custom reports in the Enterprise website. This automatic detection allows you to see and run custom reports created in other Enterprise applications through the Enterprise website. Enterprise is capable of auto detecting in Enterprise Review and eCapture by IPRO.

To take full advantage of the Enterprise Reporting system, such as customizing the display of your data or executing a report with specific SQL parameters, you must create and configure a Report Definition within the Enterprise system, See Create a Report Definition for more information.

Note: Customized reports are automatically detected and appear in the reporting area under Uncategorized with a Custom Report placeholder.


Reports are uncategorized when the written custom report is put in the UserDefinedReports attribute. For example:


In order for the report to then be placed in the correct location:

  • Update the Reports Table

  • Add in the classification

  • Configure the chart or parameter in the JSON file

Details are provided in the sections JSON Chart Objects and Parameters.


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