discovery ][ Enterprise Release Notes 2020.8.1

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2020.8.1 maintenance release of Enterprise. Enterprise continues to evolve with this exciting update focused on performance increases, batch management and more. Updates include:

  • Expanded user interface options to allow coding form and tag palette to be resized during review.

  • Batch Management: Gain visibility to manage review passes within an easy to use dashboard. Allows reviewer management to quickly filter down completed batches, perform validation, unassign batches, and more. See Manage Batches.
  • Batch Timeout: Customize the amount of time a reviewer can keep the same batch, default 24 hours.

  • Tags: Added the ability to right click from tag palette to create and rename tags for easy, on-the-fly tag customization. See Right-Click Options in the Document Viewer Tag Pane.
  • Performance Enhancements: Decreased loading time in the following areas up to 99%:
    • Opening a case or review pass

    • Faster rendering of native files within a review pass. See Review Pass Document Loading Acceleration.

    • Creating, refresh, updating, and deletion of Smart Folders

    • Loading and search results returned in Visual Search
    • Tag filtering, tally, and sorting in the document grid

    • Saving Keyword List results to tags and fields.

Resolved Issues

AR-7856 – Active Directory group members and users are now displayed and available for import at the group level.

PS-4517 - Additional security measures to prohibit a user to bypass the login when entering Media Manager.