discovery ][ Enterprise Release Notes 2020.8.0

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2020.8.0 release of Enterprise.

Enterprise continues to evolve with this exciting new release focused on security, productivity, reporting, and much more.

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New Features

Reinforced Security

Federated Identity Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access case documents even faster and more securely with single sign-on (SSO) support. SSO logs you into Enterprise through your organization's existing identity provider or directory service. Increase organizational security and decrease administrative overhead with our integrated SSO support. One less username and password to maintain! Federated Identity supports the ability to set up one identity provider for each system environment by using the OpenID Connect standard. Third party providers that can authenticate through the OpenID standard include Google, Microsoft, Okta, Apple, and PingID.

TLS 1.2 Compliancy

Enterprise Release 2020.8.0 is TLS 1.2 compliant.

Note: Using Single Sign-on (SSO) requires enabling TLS 1.2 with an outbound HTTP connection to the identity provider.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA, also known as Two-factor Authentication (2FA), enables you to strengthen security by requiring a time-based one-time passcode (TOTP). sent to a user's device, such as a mobile phone.


Visual Search Modernization

New Visual Search provides an approachable and interactive search experience letting you uncover critical evidence faster and in ways that you couldn't with traditional search capabilities. Interactable charts work the way you do, giving clarity to case evidence without requiring additional costly training.

Note: No new charts have been added in this release.

Similar Documents

The Similar Documents Relationship has been updated to display documents with a Similarity Score of 70 or greater. The previous Minimum Similarity Score display was 10, which typically returned a higher number of similar documents.

Hot Keys

Spending too much time in review? Scale up through Hot Keys and reduce the times your hands need to leave the keyboard with efficient hot-keys mapped to the most important document review functions. Hot-keys help you increase efficiency without losing quality.

Enterprise includes default keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Keys Description
PgDn Next page (Only in the Image and Production tabs)
PgUp Previous page (Only in the Image and Production tabs)
Alt + PgDn Save and go to the Next Document
Alt + PgUp Save and go to the Previous Document
Ctrl + Enter Save
Ctrl + I Navigate to the Image tab
Ctrl + P Navigate to the Production tab
Up and Down Arrows Scroll Up and Down on a page


Streaming Discovery Detailed and Storage Reports now available from within Enterprise

Two system level reports have been added to assist with billing.

When processing data, three frequently needed reports are now available through Enterprise Reports library.

When reviewing data, an additional report is now available through Enterprise Reports library.

ClosedResolved Issues


AR-4790 –Eclipse (XBAP) is removed and replaced with our new, modern document review interface.

AR-4793 - Content Analyst (CAAT) removed from Enterprise solution.

AR-5996 – Improved handling to force automatic rebuild of full index when modifying index settings.

AR-6537 – Bulk uploading of users can now be added using either a CSV or JSON file.

AR-5999 – Updated Help & Support links from menu option to direct users to the new Help Center or easily be able to contact IPRO Support.

PS-2286 - Updated Active Directory authentication domain property to be configurable within WindowsDomainName setting. This allows Active Directory to work with Web Servers that are not joined to a web domain.

AP-1758 – Improved handling for documents being accessed by review and production export at the same time. If a document lock is now encountered, a copy of the file is utilized to prevent errors on production export.

AR-7047 - Updated the completed batches total in Review Pass Management to show the total number of completed batches in the review pass.

AR-6830 – Re-established CSE compatibility between Desktop Review and IPRO Review.

AR-7179 - Updated inactivity timeout to be configurable; the default is 10 minutes. This can now be customized by updating the InactivityTimeoutMinutes setting.

AR-6395 - Restored the ability to use a direct link to a Review case to get directly into a case or review pass.

AR-6165 – Updated Persistent Highlighting term to highlight when performing the Quick Search with the same term.

AP-1463 – Improved handling to prevent output of duplicate native files in production exports.

AR-3675 – Updated “Locked Rule” to adhere to the tags within the group.

AR-0403 – Improved performance when using combination text searches in Advanced Search.

AP-0751 – Improved handling of image to PDF conversion during production if file names exceed 215 characters.


AP-0795 – Improved monitoring of memory consumption, error handling and reporting when using streaming ingestion of PST files with large excel attachments.

PS-2508 – Updated mass action OCR jobs to clean up session buildup which caused slowness and, in some cases, prevented users from logging in.

AP-1491 - The methodology for gathering email body information has been revised to handle extracting complete body content from digitally signed emails.

AP-1481 – Email sent identification has been improved to utilize the population of "Sent Date" as criteria to determine if the email was sent.

AP-1433 - Values are properly populated in Review from the associated Media when items are processed\reprocessed through QC.

AP-1381 - Additional checks have been implemented to ensure count mismatches are prevented during streaming discovery export set creation process.

AP-1115 - One or more errors could be encountered when an existing Export Series is edited and saved more than once.

AP-0914 - Handling has been improved to better identify the presence of delimiters within DLF load files to prevent improper loading of field values.

AP-1567 - The field values for "Norwegian Bokmål" have been updated to display properly.