Media Manager FAQs

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Media Manager component.

ClosedHow do I create a Copy Station?

See Create a Copy Station in Enterprise System Administration.

ClosedHow do I add attachment images to my media record?

You must set an attachment path within Enterprise System Management. See Define Media Attachment File Path or more information.

ClosedHow do I process additional data from an existing piece of media?

  1. Reopen the media entry.

  2. Select Create and Process Data Location.

ClosedWhen processing additional data from an existing media, the option to scan the drive is no longer available.

Scanning can only be done prior to processing.

ClosedMy progress gauges are not making any progress. Why?

The Worker must be turned on.

ClosedI received a hard drive and would like to document a picture of the drive – is there a way to do this in Media Manager?

Yes, in addition to logging details about the media, a photo may be uploaded and attached to the media entry.

ClosedWill Enterprise process forensic archives?

When using Enterprise, you can utilize Media Manager to open and parse portions of the forensic file for processing. This allows you to process only certain portions of the forensic image without having to process everything which may not be needed.