Incoming Delivery Overview

Media Manager allows you to manage and track incoming deliveries including all case-related media sent to you (typically sent from your clients or related sources). Media Manager offers quite a bit of flexibility as to the order of user activities; a typical workflow is shown in the Incoming Delivery Workflow below.


You have received a UPS shipment from co-counsel's paralegal, Jane Smith, containing a 500GB external hard drive. The hard drive contains data for three custodians who are associated with the Globex Industries vs ATLN Energy Case: David Nobel, Steve Pritchett, and Rachel Dejesus.

As an admin, you need to monitor the status of these tasks.

The following video demonstrates how you can leverage Media Manager to accomplish these tasks.

ClosedClick here to watch Incoming Delivery video

Note: The video above relates to a version of Enterprise that came out before the latest release. The functionality described in the video is accurate, but the UI may have since changed.

Incoming Delivery Workflow

One common workflow for managing an incoming delivery is shown below. As Media Manager offers flexibility in the steps you can take throughout the process, you may decide to follow a different workflow.


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