Delete a Delivery

Any delivery can be deleted as long as no media is assigned to it. To delete a delivery:

  1. In Media Manager, click the Deliveries tab.

  2. Locate the needed delivery in the Deliveries list.

  3. See Work with Grids for details on sorting, filtering, and/or searching in the list.

  4. Double-click the delivery to be deleted or click the corresponding .

  5. If media have been assigned to the delivery:

    1. Click an assigned medium and click Remove.

    2. In response to the confirmation message, click OK. The medium will be removed.

    3. Repeat for other media until none are assigned to the delivery.

  6. Note: Your browser may include an option in the confirmation message that says, Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs. If your browser includes such an option, do not select it.

  7. Once all media are removed, click for the delivery (in the Delivery form).

  8. In response to the confirmation message, click OK. See the note above regarding the message. The delivery is removed.


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