Review Live EDA Case

The ECA & Review module of Enterprise allows users to review, analyze, and annotate case documents - based on the permissions defined by the case administrator. When data from a Live EDA case created in Enterprise is promoted from the Live EDA Search interface, it will be included in the Enterprise Live EDA Review case.

This section is focused on the live content that has been promoted from the Live EDA case in Live EDA Search. For more information about how to navigate the Enterprise Review module and to see an overview of the process and steps involved in Enterprise case Review, consult Workflow: Review a Case.

About Live EDA Review

There are four fields in the Live EDA Review case that show the metadata of the promoted item(s)/document(s), as described in the following table.




The Live EDA case from which the item/document has been promoted.


The ID of the item/document. Use this value to find the same document in Live EDA Search.


The date and time of promotion.


The Enterprise admin user responsible for the promotion.

As noted in the previous table, the EDADOCID provides information about the custodian and location of a document. The EDADOCID value can be used to directly find the relevant document in the Live EDA Search interface.

Note: To use the EDADOCID to find an item/document in Live EDA Search, return to the Enterprise Home page, select Live EDA, and open the Live EDA case in question. Perform a Quick Search in the Live EDA Search interface by inserting the EDADOCID value copy-pasted from the EDADOCID field in the Live EDA Review case.

Get Started in Live EDA Review

The following steps explain how to include the promoted data set in the Live EDA Review case.

  1. Navigate to the Enterprise Home page and select ECA & Review.

  2. In the Review Home page, search for the Live EDA Review case. For more information, see About the Review Home Page.

  3. Select the relevant Live EDA case by clicking the case card.

  4. When a card is selected, the Funnel Graph and Review Passes display. Click Enter Case.

  5. In the Live EDA Review case overview, navigate to the Review Grid. This displays each item/document and BEGDOC hyperlink. For more information, see Review Grid.

  6. Click to expand the review grid.

  7. To view the Live EDA data set previously promoted from Live EDA Search, right-click any of the available column heading fields to open the Grid Display Options dialog box.

  8. To add the column fields populated with the metadata of the data set promoted from the Live EDA case, select the check boxes corresponding to EDACASE, EDADOCID, EDAPROMOTIONTIME, and EDAPROMOTIONUSER. Click Apply.

  9. The item/document list displayed in the Review Grid shows the data that has been promoted from the Live EDA case.

    Tip: For more information about how to manipulate, sort, and display the column fields in the review grid, see Work with Grid Columns.

  10. Reviewing the documents is a multi-step and iterative process. To learn more about the review tasks that can be completed in an Enterprise Review case, see Conduct Review.


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