Create New Managing Clients and Clients

Complete the following steps to define managing clients and clients in Enterprise.

Note : In the Enterprise configuration pages, required entries are marked with a red asterisk, *.

  1. Get started:

    1. Review About Managing Clients and Clients.

    2. Gather the following information:

  2. Click Case Management on the Enterprise Home page (or Case Management on the main menu).

  3. In the left pane of the Case Management page, click Case Management, and then continue with step 4 and/or step 5.

  4. To create a managing client:

    1. Click in the Managing Client column and select Enterprise Managing Client.

      Note: Click the button on any existing managing client. For new installations, only the UNASSIGNED managing client will be listed. The UNASSIGNED managing client can be renamed and used, or can be deleted after you have at least one other managing client.

    2. Enter the required name and click Save.

  5. To create a client:

    1. Click in the Managing Client column and select Enterprise Client.

    2. Enter the client’s name.

    3. Optional: Select a different managing client.

    4. Enter the required data directory (full path and folder name in UNC format). The folder must exist.

    5. Optional: To define a new case for this client immediately after defining it, select the Launch Create Case on Save option.

    6. Click Save.

  6. Repeat these steps to define additional managing clients and clients.

Note: Additional (product-specific) details can be defined in Enterprise Review and eCapture by IPRO.