Set the Streaming Discovery Max Group Task Counts

The task distribution method has been updated to enhance overall processing efficiency by ensuring all Worker threads remain active when a given license is consumed by the Worker. This new licensing strategy is called Capacity Licensing.

You can configure the Queue Manager and set a value for the Streaming Discovery Group Task.

The Queue Manager starts without consuming any licenses and starts at zero capacity and utilization. The Queue Manager consumes licenses on task assignment rather than looking at the top priority job. It only consumes the number of licenses necessary to support utilization and will release licenses as required capacity decreases. Once started, it constantly monitors the available capacity (allowed tasks in-process) versus utilization (number of tasks actually in-process for a license type).

  1. Right-click the Queue Manager icon in the system tray to display the right-click context menu.
  2. Select Configure. The Queue Manager Configuration dialog box appears.
  3. Click the Size Limits tab to display its settings.

    Note: As a result of the capacity versus utilization implementation, some modifications were made to the configuration settings for the dynamic group tasks counts. These changes include converting the slider settings to numerical percentage values, changing maximum value settings, and removing the maximum limit of group tasks that could be configured for a group task type.

  4. Set a value for the Streaming Discovery Max Group Task.

    The Streaming Discovery Max Group Tasks are the number of group tasks created for Enterprise Streaming Discovery jobs. The Queue Manager looks at the active Workers able to perform Streaming Discovery group tasks at the time the job starts and sets the group count to the value specified in the Streaming Discovery Max Group Tasks field, regardless of configured threads. A maximum value should be set for a job; this is necessary because too many simultaneous, in progress Streaming Discovery group tasks can overwhelm the file system.

    The value is NOT automatically recalculated as are the Percentage of Capacity group tasks and will remain at this number during the entire job. The value in the field determines how many Workers will accept tasks for Streaming Discovery jobs.

    Important: Unlike Discover Document group tasks, each Worker can receive only one Streaming Discover group task at a time.


    To maximize throughput, we recommend that you set the Streaming Discover Group Tasks value equal to the number of Streaming Worker licenses you have.