Original File for EDD Image (OF)


This command provides the location and original filename for a file discovered and produced by an Ipro Tech electronic discovery tool. This command enables the recipient of the electronic discovery files to open the file directly from the Ipro View project.

To view the original document, open the project in Ipro View, navigate to the image and click the  button in the Ipro View toolbar. If the currently displayed image does not have an OF command loaded, this button is disabled.

Command Structure

OF,[Image Key],[Unique Filename],[Page in File]


Example 1

In the following example, the Ipro Tech electronic discovery tool copied files to the export location.

The Tiff image was exported to:


And the original file for this image is copied to:


The Ipro LFP file OF command is:


Example 2

In the following example, Ipro Tech electronic discovery tool did not copy the original files to a different location, but created the path to the location of the original file.

The Ipro LFP file OF command is:

OF,XN-0001,T:\Data\suedoc.prj\BAT0001.bch\000001\V000\D001\ whitepaper.doc,1

Command Elements

Function or target



The identifier that tells the system this is an original filename (EDD) record.

[Image Key]

The image key to which the issue (or tagged database) is being assigned.

[Unique Filename]

The complete filename and path to the file.

[Page in File]

The position or sequence of this image in the file (for example, the third page in the document).


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