Move an Image File to Another Volume (VF)


This command updates the volume location for the filename. It does not change the image key.

Command Structure

VF,[Image Filename],[Volume Name],[Sub Dir],[Image Type]



This example applies to the single or multi-page TIF image format. In the above example, the volume location for the filename LH200007.TIF is changed to the DEMO volume under the IMAGES subdirectory single or multi-page TIF image(.TIF), image type 2.

Command Elements

Function or target



The identifier that tells the system this is a volume filename record.

[Image Filename]

The filename of the image key to which the information field is to be applied.

[Volume Name]

This element is not required. If it is missing, the subdirectory should include the drive letter for direct access (e.g. F:\IMAGES).

[Sub Dir]

This element is not required. If it is missing, the image file is assumed to be at the root of the drive.

[Image Type]

2= Single or Multiple Page .TIF

3= Stacked TIFF (.STF)

4=Color (.PCX, .BMP, .JPEG, and .PNG)

Note: Image type 1=Ipro Tech Internal Image (.IMG) is no longer used.


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