Include OCR Text in the LFP File (OI)


An option in Ipro OCR, Include OCR Text in LFP File, will automatically include the OCR text in the LFP file when it generates the Word List LFP file during OCR processing. For every image OCRed, the LFP file will contain the LFP command OI, followed by the Image Key, and then the OCR text for that image. This command and its data will follow the FT command and its data for each image in the LFP file.

Command Structure

OI,[Image Key], [OCR Text]


Example 1

OI,ALG-01-011,the chromium levels were especially high in the east well

Example 2

OI,ALG-01-011,<< ALG-01-011 >>,the chromium levels were especially high in the east well

This example shows the image key enclosed in << >> which signifies that the option to include the image key was selected during the OCR process. It is OCR text.

Command Elements

Function or target



The identifier that tells the system to include the image’s OCR text.

[Image Key]

[Image Key] is the image key from which the OCR text was generated.

[OCR Text]

The image’s OCR text is the actual OCR text from the image. Two empty boxes will appear at the end of the OCR text to indicate a line return feed.


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