Import Boundary Folder Descriptions (FD)


Ipro Premium Scan enables imaging shops to capture descriptive names to aid in reviewing an image collection.

These descriptions are called “folder descriptions” because they provide an efficient way to capture the name of a manila folder (or other physical binding element) at scan time. The descriptions provide additional information about how images in a collection are grouped together and enable reviewers to more readily see how a collection is organized.

When the completed scan project is loaded into Ipro View, these descriptions appear in place of the image key in the Project Boundaries window. (The image key still appears in the title bar.)

You can create an LFP file to load these alternative descriptions to display in Ipro View even if they were not captured at scan time.

Each record in the LFP file provides the image key, boundary level, and text to display in the Project Boundaries window.

Command Structure

FD,[Image Key],[Boundary],[Folder Description]


FD,MTIFF00231,F,Smith Patient Folder

In this example, “Smith Patient Folder” will appear in place of “MTIFF00231” in the Project Boundaries window to aid litigation support staff in reviewing the images. “MTIFF00231” will still appear in the title bar while this image is being viewed.

Command Elements

Function or target



An identifier that indicates that folder descriptions will be inserted and appear in place of the image key in the Project Boundaries window.

[Image Key]

Image key number that the folder description appears in place of (in the Project Boundaries window).


The boundary level of the image. Generally the image is simply a copy of the folder with its label. Any boundary (other than page) is valid.

[Folder Description]

The text description that appears in place of the image key. The description is generally the text that was written on the folder label.


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