Append Data to Information Only Fields (IA)


This command appends data to the information only fields that were defined during project setup and were previously populated by loading an LFP file with the IO command. If you want to load multiple fields into the same image key in a single file, you must create a separate IA record for each information only field.

The information you append can include letters, numbers, the dash (-), period, forward slash (/), and asterisk (*). The command adds a semicolon (;) after the original information and before the information it appends.

Command Structure

IA,[Image Key],[Information Field Number],[Information]



IA,ALG-003,3,Accounting files from back closet

Command Elements

Function or target



The identifier that tells the system to append data to Information Only fields.

[Image Key]

The image key whose field is to be updated.

[Information Field Number]

The information field number to be updated.

[Information Field Number]

The information to be appended to the field.


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