Overview: Processing Jobs

Processing Jobs (PJ) are created from completed Discovery Jobs. The tasks performed when the Processing job is executed depend on the Job options defined when you create the Job. When a Processing Job is executed, the system can:

  • Image native files
  • Perform a full metadata extraction
  • Extract text extraction and OCR (as required). Any text already extracted or generated from OCR during Discovery will be used
  • Filter based on specified keywords, metadata, date ranges, or other criteria
  • Create placeholders for specified files
  • Perform de-duplication on the processed files

You can deliver a Processing Job to a client by exporting it. The Process Export uses a wizard to facilitate exporting one or more Processing Jobs. For more information see:

Create a Standard Processing Job

Validate Completed Processing Jobs

Run Post-Processing Batch Operations

Processing Job Options

Export Jobs

Export jobs can be created for completed Processing Jobs. Export Jobs create output from the Processing Jobs and create image and database load files that can be used, for example, to load into a reviewing application such as Enterprise Review or Ipro® for desktop. Multiple export options may be selected to produce image and database load files. Export jobs can be divided into several categories:

  • Basic Processing Jobs
  • Eclipse and Relativity Autoload Export Jobs
  • Export Series Export Jobs
  • Overlay Export Jobs

Basic Processing Export Jobs

Overview: Exporting

Create a Processed Data Export Job

Eclipse and Relativity Autoload Export Jobs

You can also create special Processing Export Jobs that are autoloaded into Eclipse and Relativity. For more information, see:

Overview: Autoload Jobs into Eclipse or Relativity

Autoload into IPRO Eclipse - Processing Job

Autoload into Relativity Processing Job

Export Series Export Jobs

You can also create an Export Job from an Export Series. An Export Series allows the following:

  • Multiple jobs to be queued for an export and assigned to an Export Series.
  • Output of successive, unattended rolling exports with sequential image key numbering and volumes.

For more information, see:

Overview: Export Series

Create an Export Series

Create an Export Job from an Existing Export Series

Overlay Export Jobs

Overlay Export Jobs are used to create new load files for completed Export Jobs. Overlay Export Jobs can be created from a completed Process Export Job, a completed Data Extract Export Job, and from Eclipse and Relativity autoload Export Jobs.

For more information, see:

Create an Overlay for a Single Export Job

Create an Overlay for an Export Series


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