Overview: Autoload Jobs into Eclipse or Relativity

You can also create special Processing Jobs (PJ) and Data Extract Jobs (DEJ) that autoload into Ipro Eclipse or Relativity. When autoloading is enabled and you reprocess items in QC, if the reprocess is successful the items are automatically added to the Job in Eclipse or Relativity.

The autoload process is outlined in the following workflow:

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Workflow Notes

1. Only items that were processed successfully and that meet the Filtering criteria are autoloaded into Eclipse or Relativity.

2. In this case, you are publishing files that have been held back from file extraction due to Discovery/Ingestion errors.

3. In QC, validate the items that completed ingestion/discovery but had processing errors (e.g., limited metadata captured).

4. When you select items for reprocessing in QC, the reprocessing is a single-threaded Job regardless of the number of items being reprocessed. When you QC and then reprocess an item that has been autoloaded into Eclipse, changes to the item that you make in QC are overlaid on the item in Eclipse or Relativity.


For more information about autoloading Jobs into Eclipse or Relativity, see:

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