Export with the Ringtail Format

The Ringtail format is available as an Image Load Format for a Processing Export Job and as a Data Load Format for a Data Extract Export Job.

When the Ringtail format is selected for either a Processing Export or Data Extract Export Job, the following screen appears after the Export Fields are selected from the Export Fields screen.

From this screen you may individually map fields using any one of four data types:

  • MEMO - All fields default to MEMO for new exports. The ‘theMemo’ field is populated with the field contents.

  • TEXT - The ‘theValue’ field is populated with the field contents.

  • NUMB - The ‘theValue’ field is populated with the field contents.

  • DATE - If the field source is one of the *DATE ONLY* fields and contains a valid date, the contents are put into the ‘theValue’ field in dd-MMM-yyyy format. Otherwise, the contents of the field are put into the ‘theValue’ field exactly as they would for other export formats.

    Note: eCapture does not automatically assign DATE to a field. Instead, you must specify those fields you want labeled as dates.

Only those fields that are always populated in the Ringtail database tables (Export or Parties) can be set to Exclude.

These fields will show (ex) appended to the name. For example, [BEGDOC](ex). The other fields include: Subject(E), SenderCombined, RecipientCombined, CCRecipientCombined, BCCRecipientCombined, Document Type Description, Title, Sent Date, and Last Modified.

  • If you click , all the (ex) fields are set to Exclude at once and will be indicated as such in the Ringtail Type column. You may then individually select those fields and assign a data type if necessary.
  • To assign a data type, select a metadata field and click the data type button below the field list. The Ringtail Type column will display the selected data type for that field. (Note: You may also click the alternate mouse button on a field to display the data types shortcut menu.)

Note: Fields set to Exclude will not go into the Export_Extras table at all.

The final Export screen has an option to use rollover numbering for the Ringtail numbering format.


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