Handle Publish Errors for a Streaming Discovery Job

Document families will not export if any family member encounters a container-level or item-level error. Once errors are requeued successfully or deemed acceptable, the errored documents (and family members) may be published to the review application.

Note: Enterprise Streaming Discovery Jobs that encountered errors without exporting to a review application can be modified by clicking modifying the Streaming Discovery job. For more information, see Modify Streaming Discovery Jobs.


The following shows an example of an Enterprise Streaming Discovery Job with errors.

The Unpublished Errors field displays the number of documents remaining/held back due to either the Node-level or Item-level exceptions. In the previous example, the total number of Processed Items is 13824. This breaks down into:

These items total 13824.

To publish the errors:

  1. In the Client Management Tree View, expand the Streaming Discovery Jobs folder and select the Streaming Discovery Job. The details of the job display in the summary pane on the right.
  2. Click the button (enabled while the Enterprise Streaming Discovery job status is incomplete or complete with errors) to push the documents to the review application.

    Note: This button is disabled by default and will not be enabled for Enterprise Streaming Discovery Jobs that completed without errors and that were not set to be exported to a review application.) The button becomes permanently disabled for that Ipro (Cloud) Streaming Discovery Job.

    The Job is placed in the Job Queue pane and starts automatically. A new export is generated, the Unpublished Errors total changes from 2088 to zero, and the total number of exported items changes to 13322 as shown in the following figure.


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