Create Custom Placeholders for a Streaming Imaging Job

For Streaming Imaging Jobs you can create custom placeholders. Placeholders are automatically generated for document families that are forced through via Publish Errors. For additional information about Publish Errors, see Handle Publish Errors for a Streaming Discovery Job.

Placeholders can be selectively applied to documents by file type, extension, or size. For placeholdered documents, text can be extracted, and a maximum page threshold can be applied for the extracted text. Custom placeholder configuration options include field selection, date field formatting, and placement (alignment, indentation, spacing, and truncation).

More than one placeholder may be created for the imaging job. When two or more placeholders exist for a Streaming Imaging job, rule functionality, similar to the Flex Processor, is used. Each placeholder’s document criteria selection is applied in placeholder order with the last placeholder rule (applied to the document) determining the processing output. The Placeholder rule order may be changed before starting the job.

  1. Create a New Case (Project).

    1. Right-click on a Client and then select New Case (Project).
    2. On the New Case (Project) initial dialog, enter the Enterprise Details for the new case (project), then click OK. The Options for Case (Project) dialog displays.

    3. Click on the Streaming Discovery Options tab. The Options for Streaming Discovery Job dialog displays.

    4. Click on the Imaging sub tab.

    5. Click on the General tab under the Imaging subtab then check the Enable Imaging check box. Color Depth and Paper Size fields display.

    6. Click on the Placeholder tab.
    7. Set the Placeholder options. Click on Streaming Discovery: Placeholder Options below for more information.

  2. When finished setting options, click OK to exit the dialog.
  3. ClosedStreaming Discovery: Placeholder Options


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