Apply Rules Sets from the Controller

Rules can be applied in two ways: (1) directly from within the Flex Processor Rules Manager through the Preview Results function, or (2) by using the Apply Rules function in the eCapture Controller toolbar. The Apply Rules function is used to select multiple jobs and simultaneously run those jobs while applying their respective rules. The Job’s priority is automatically set to the highest so the rule application tasks are distributed and worked on first.

This method saves time versus creating one job at a time, setting its rules, and applying those rules using the Preview function in the Flex Processor Rules Manager.

Note: Jobs started without running the Apply Rules function do not display in the Apply Rules dialog box.

  1. Click to display the Apply Rules dialog box. The top portion of the dialog box displays Jobs whose Filter State is Not Applied. The bottom half of the dialog box displays Jobs in which rules were Applied.

  2. Select the Job(s) to apply the rules.

  3. Click OK. The Apply Rules dialog box closes.

  4. Start the Job or Jobs in the Job Queue pane. The circle icons in the ID column help you quickly determine the status of the Applied Filters for the Job. For Jobs that have not been started, the circle icon is red.


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