Ipro (Cloud) Imaging Jobs and Ipro Eclipse

Note: This function applies if loading images back into Ipro Eclipse.

Enterprise Imaging was implemented to allow the eCapture Workers to perform TIFFing of native files.

This function allows better performance and access to an extensive list of Processing options. eCapture will automatically load the images back into the Ipro Eclipse case, eliminating the requirement to manually export and load the images at a later time. This also reduces the staff required to TIFF documents in the Eclipse case.

After the Enterprise Job is run from the Job Queue pane in the eCapture Controller, the Enterprise Imaging Job is available for QC to allow for post-processing actions and to resolve errors. For Eclipse integration, any documents that are reprocessed are automatically exported again and overlayed/replaced in Eclipse.

Output for each processed file matches specified color depth in Eclipse and adheres to the case-level defaults in eCapture, e.g. the Job will inherit other imaging settings. The output is a single- page TIFF with no text or metadata deliverable. The load file is delivered with the output. For Eclipse integration, the load file is sent to the Scheduler (in the same fashion that the direct-to-Eclipse functions in eCapture). For external development, the path to the load file is returned back to the caller.

Note: External developers may use the Enterprise Worker API functionality to develop custom workflow solutions around eCapture for easier implementation and to perform TIFFing of native files. The Enterprise Integration Service has enhancements that allow external callers to make, monitor, and complete an Enterprise Imaging job. The path to the load file is returned to the caller.


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