Re-Export a Streaming Discovery Job

Re-exporting an Enterprise Streaming Job is available for those Enterprise Streaming Discovery Jobs that were not originally part of an Export Series. For information about creating a Streaming Discovery Job, see Create a Streaming Discovery Job.

  1. In the Client Management Tree View, right-click the Streaming Discovery Job that you want to export and then click Export Streaming Discovery Job. The Specify Export Parameters dialog box displays, with the Select Jobs to Export pane disabled by default.

    Note: The Job you selected is already selected in the Select Jobs to Export pane.


  2. In the Export Type drop-down menu, select one of the following types: Direct to disk, Direct to Ipro Eclipse, or Direct to Relativity. Walk through the remaining steps for creating an Export Job. For information about creating Export Jobs, see:

    Note: Some options are disabled for a Data Extract Export Job created from an Enterprise Streaming Discovery Job. After the Export Job is created, it appears under the Data Extract Exports folder in the Client Management tab and in the Job Queue Pane.

  3. Select the Job in the Job Queue pane to manually start it. Filtering and de-duplication criteria are applied to all documents in the IEnterprise Streaming Discovery Job.
  4. To view the Status and Summary pane, select the Streaming Discovery Job in the Client Management Tree View.


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