Import Custodians and Jobs at the Case (Project) Level

You can import multiple Custodians and Discovery Jobs into a Case (Project) through an imported CSV or a comma-delimited file. Data Extract Job(s) and/or Processing Job(s) may be optionally created during the import process.

To import Custodians and Discovery Jobs, the CSV or comma-delimited file should contain the two respective column headers: Custodian Name and Container Path.In addition, the headers Custodian Description and Container Name are optional unless Container Path(s) are also specified; in that case, the Container Name header is required.

  1. In the Client Management Tree View, select the Case (Project).

  2. On the Status and Summary pane, click the Custodians tab.

  3. Click . The Open CSV for Import dialog box appears.

  4. Navigate to the CSV or comma-delimited file.

  5. Click Open. The Import Preview dialog box appears.

    The Import Preview dialog box contains the following column headers:

    1. Custodian Name - Required in the imported CSV or comma-delimited file.

    2. Apply To - Displays existing Custodian or creates a new Custodian when you click the drop-down menu arrow and select Create New.

    3. Custodian Description - Optional

    4. Job Name - Indicates the new Discovery Job name

    5. Data Extract - Blank by default; no Data Extract Job will be created until you click the drop-down menu arrow and select Yes.

    6. Processing - Blank by default; no Processing Job will be created until you click the drop-down menu arrow and select Yes.

    7. Container Name - Required only if Container Path(s) are specified in the import file.

    8. Container Path - Specified in the imported CSV or comma-delimited file.

      Note: If the Container Path is modified, it must exist before importing as well as be accessible from the eCapture Controller.

  6. The Import Preview dialog box is populated based on the contents of the CSV or comma-delimited file that you are preparing to import.

    If necessary, the data may be edited directly in the Import Preview dialog box before importing.

  7. (Optional) If you want to modify the current project settings for the selected Case (Project), click . Modify the project settings. For more information, see Modify Case (Project) Options

  8. Select one or more Custodians by selecting the check box in the designated row. A green check mark displays in the check box. To clear the Custodian, clear the check box with the green check mark.

    Note: You can click Select All to select all the Custodians. Select All then changes to Deselect All to allow clearing all the Custodians in one action if required.

  9. Enter a Job Name for the Custodian in the Job Name column.
  10. Enter a Container Name for each Container.

    Note: If a Discovery Job and/or Container Name is not specified (fields are left blank), the system returns a prompt to indicate it will use the folder name of the associated Container.

    Click Cancel and enter a Job Name and a Container Name in the blank fields. Otherwise, accept the default names indicated by the Warning Messages dialog box.

  11. If you want to create Data Extract Jobs and/or Processing Jobs, for all Custodians indicated in the Import Preview dialog box, click the option Create All Data Extract and/or Create All Processing. The Data Extract column and/or the Processing column(s) changes from blank to Yes. These columns cannot be edited.

  12. (Optional) Enter a Custodian Description for each Custodian.

  13. Click OK.

    • The Imported Job Creation dialog box displays to indicate the number of Custodians, Discovery Jobs, Data Extract Jobs, and Processing Jobs created.
    • The newly created Jobs display in the Job Queue pane of the eCapture Controller as well as the Client Management Tree View folders for the selected Custodian indicated in the Import Preview dialog box.
    • The Data Extract and Processing Jobs use the name of the Discovery Job. If required, rename the Jobs before starting. The new Custodians display in the Client Management Tree View in the folder for the selected Case (Project).
    • The Containers tab shows the Container Name, its Custodian and Jobs, and the Container Path.
  14. Start the Jobs in the Job Queue pane.


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