Update the Worker Patch Directory

Users must have full Administrator permissions to those computers, workstations, servers, and other devices that they will use to install, run, and/or update the eCapture components.

Worker maintenance includes updating the worker patch directory and queuing the worker restart tasks. These tasks are performed from the eCapture Controller.


A Worker patch update is triggered only if the system encounters a worker patch version that is later than the current Worker version number. The system displays a prompt indicating the current Worker version number along with the Worker patch version number in the event the Worker is currently on the latest version.

When upgrades occur, the [SystemProperties] table displays two new fields:

  • WorkerPatchInstall – displays the location path of the patch executable
  • WorkerPatchVersion – displays the version number for the latest update

In addition, when selecting the worker patch install, the File Explorer dialog appears and defaults to display patch files that have one of the following extensions: .MSI, .MSP, and .EXE.

Important: All jobs must be completed before applying updates.

  1. Place the updated patch files in a directory that is accessible by the worker or workers set up on your system. The first time you update the worker patch directory, the path will appear in the Worker Maintenance dialog box and remain there. It is only necessary to do this once unless you change the directory path manually. We recommend that you use a UNC path instead of a mapped drive.

  2. On the Controller menu bar, click Tools > Worker Patch Management. The Worker Maintenance dialog box appears.

  3. Click to open the File Explorer dialog.

  4. Browse to the folder containing the patch files. We recommend browsing to a UNC path rather than a mapped drive path. If a mapped drive is changed, then the path is rendered inaccessible.

  5. Click Open to return to the Worker Maintenance dialog box. The File Explorer dialog closes, the Workers begin to shut down, and the patch upgrade installs.

    Note: The path containing the selected patch file appears below the paragraph in the Worker Patch Directory area. The Queue Worker Restart Tasks button is automatically disabled in the Queue Worker Restart Tasks area and the text on the button changes to: Worker Restart Tasks Inserted.

  1. From the Controller, click the Worker Status Information tab.

    The Version column displays the matching upgrade version number.

  2. To restart tasks for each Worker, return to the Worker Maintenance tab and click . This button grays out after it is clicked to indicate that the restart tasks for each worker were added.

  3. Click Close in the Worker Maintenance dialog box.


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