Reassign Workers to Different Configuration Databases

Workers may be re-assigned to different configuration databases. For instructions on adding additional databases, see Access Stored Configuration Database Connection Settings.

  • Task tables for each configuration database, including the instance name of the SQL server on which the database resides, will be listed along with the task tables for the current configuration database.
  • To facilitate the management of configurations, the eCapture Monitor may be accessed from the Task Table Management dialog. The eCapture Monitor is used to add new configurations.

Once the configurations are added, they appear in the drop-down task table list.

Warning: Switching Workers to different configuration databases will cause issues if there are differences between eCapture settings for those databases or the processing environments.

  • The Worker Patch Management patch version and patch directory must be the same across all Controllers to ensure Workers do not inadvertently upgrade themselves with incorrect or old patch files.

  • If a Controller uses a mapped drive that is not mapped on a Worker switched to that Controller's task table, the Worker will not accept tasks because the drive will be inaccessible.

Prior to using this feature, the different environments must be configured to have the same or similar Worker patch settings, Windows updates and drive letter configuration.

Assign Workers to Different Configuration Databases

  1. On the menu bar, click Tools > Task Table and Worker Management. The Task Table Worker Management dialog appears.

  2. Click the Worker Assignment tab.

  3. Select a task table from the drop-down list. A task table is comprised of [Server Name] Configuration Database Name: Task List (n).
  4. Select a task table from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the workers to assign to the task table. Workers may be selected contiguously or non-contiguously. Ctrl-click to select non-contiguous workers. Shift-click to select a contiguous group of workers.

  6. Click . The selected worker(s) appear in the Workers assigned to selected task table box.

  7. Click Close.


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