Manage Field Templates

You can view, edit, delete, or rename user-created System and/or Client templates.

  1. On the Controller menu bar, choose Tools > Field Template Management.

    The Field Template Management dialog appears.

  2. Right-click on a template to display the right-click context menu. The options are disabled if there are no saved templates.

  3. To rename the template:
    1. Click Rename Template. The Edit Template Name dialog appears.

    2. Enter a new Template name and click OK.
  4. To edit the template:

    1. Click Edit Template. The Edit Template dialog displays.

    2. If necessary, enter a new name for the template.
    3. If necessary, change the type of the template. If the type is changed to Client Template, the dialog expands to display a Client drop-down list where a different Client can be selected. If the type is changed to System Template, the dialog collapses to hide the Client drop-down list.
  5. To delete a template, select Delete Template. In the Delete Confirmation dialog, click Yes to delete the template.

  6. To view a template, select View Template. A dialog opens displaying the selected template's name in the title bar. It also displays the fields assigned for the selected template. After reviewing the template information, click Close to close the dialog.


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