Configure Integration with IPRO Cloud

eCapture integrates with IPRO Cloud Services so that a managing client, client, and case (project) created in IPRO Eclipse will also be created in eCapture semi-automatically. At the same time, managing clients, clients, and cases (projects) created in eCapture will be available for selection in IPRO Eclipse.

This integration process promotes consistency in the IPRO Cloud platform environment while removing the manual steps that were formally required to move data and output across the platform.

You can change some of the configuration settings for the IPRO Cloud integration.

  1. On the eCapture toolbar, select ToolsConfigure Application Integration > IPRO ADD.

    The IPRO ADD Configuration dialog displays.

  2. If you have not already done so, enter a name for the eCapture environment.
  3. Specify an integration directory. This directory must be mutually accessible to all IPRO products.
  4. Enter the services URL. When you define the connection, if necessary, include a custom port.
  5. Click OK. The dialog closes.


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