Configure Ipro Eclipse Production Export Job Handling

Ipro Eclipse export and production jobs are processed using eCapture and Ipro (Cloud) Workers.

  1. From Case Administration, in the Export Sets form, an eCapture export environment (defined in Ipro (Cloud)) is selected along with an output location at creation time.
  2. Other options may be selected in the Export Sets form such as numbering, images, natives, etc. for the production.


export sets


ZIP Upon Completion

The Zip upon completion displays in the Information area on the Export Sets form. It is cleared by default. When this option is selected, eCapture automatically compresses the production exports upon completion eliminating the need to do this step manually. A task is queued to perform the compression, and it is distributed to a single eCapture Worker that the Queue Manager assigned it to.

Note: If expecting to support large production archiving, ensure the eCapture Worker has more space than is suggested in the System Requirements topic.

ZIP Compression in Progress

In the eCapture Controller Job Queue pane, the Job Type column will display Enterprise Production and the Progress column will indicate Zip Compression In-Progress. At completion, the zip file is placed in the Ipro Eclipse production output folder at the root level. The generated archive is segregated into multiple volumes if any volume exceeds the default size of 10GB. The zip productions iterate based on the volume numbering, e.g. VOL001, VOL002, and so on.


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