Search the Client Management Treeview

To search the Client Management treeview for a specific node (Client, Custodian, Case/Project, etc):

  1. Right-click on any Client to display the context menu. Choose Locate to open the Locate dialog box.

  2. Select/clear the nodes that you want to include/exclude for the search. For example, to narrow the search results for Discovery Jobs only, clear all nodes except Discovery Jobs.

  3. Underneath the nodes box, there are two options: the Client that was selected in the treeview and All Clients. To search within the specific client, select it if necessary. To search all clients, select All Clients.

  4. Enter the job name in the field. If the entire job name is not known, enter a partial job name. For example, if you are looking for a job that contains the letters "com" , enter com and click Search. All jobs that contain the letters "com" will appear in the results list.

  5. Double click the correct job in the results list. The Client Management treeview refreshes. The job appears first in the treeview.

  6. If necessary, perform additional searches. The list will refresh to display the current search results. When finished, click Close.


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