Configure Integration with Relativity

eCapture integrates with Relativity®. The installation of the IPRO Relativity Import service is required on the machine where the Relativity Desktop Client is already installed. The Desktop Client is used to push data to Relativity by invoking the executable with command line arguments. If pushing data for review to Relativity, Relativity Import Service version 2015.1.2 or later is supported and Relativity version 8 or later is supported.

Command line arguments to the Desktop Client and KWE/KWI settings files may change between versions and are expected to still work with any API version in the event of incompatibility. However, the API connection is not necessary but can be useful when the Relativity version does not have significant changes.

  1. Launch the Relativity Desktop Client, if necessary.

  2. Ensure the Relativity Server is running by checking the Microsoft Management Console and locating the IPRO Relativity Service under Services.

  3. From the eCapture Controller menu, choose Tools > Configure Application Integration > kCura Relativity. The Relativity Configuration dialog appears.

  4. Under IPRO Relativity Service, do the following:

    • Enter the Relativity Web Services credentials.

    • Click . This tests the connection to the IPRO Relativity Service.

  5. Under Relativity Connection (Desktop Client), do the following:

    • Enter the User Name and Password to connect to the Relativity Service

    • Click . The Successful Test dialog appears indicating a connection was made to the Relativity Web Services. Click OK to exit the dialog.

  6. Click OK. The Relativity Configuration dialog closes.


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