Assign IPRO (Cloud) Workers

Note: It is not necessary for third-party software (e.g. Microsoft Office, IBM Notes) to be installed in order to execute IPRO (Cloud) tasks on the machine. If Microsoft Office is present, the Worker will accept all tasks it is licensed for, including Discovery. However, if Microsoft Office is not present, the Worker will only accept OCR, Production, and Copying tasks. This applies if setting up IPRO (Cloud) Exclusive Workers.


Workers can be assigned as IPRO (Cloud) Workers (which accept both eCapture and IPRO (Cloud) tasks) or IPRO (Cloud) Only Workers (which accept IPRO (Cloud) tasks only).

IPRO (Cloud) tasks take priority over eCapture tasks. To perform IPRO (Cloud) OCR tasks in eCapture, at least one Worker in a licensed eCapture environment is required, or Workers in an unlicensed eCapture environment must be set to IPRO (Cloud) Exclusive AND the environment must have 'IPRO (Cloud)_OCR' licenses available. eCapture workers will do OCR for IPRO Allegro and can be used to handle the OCRing of documents for faster completion rather than using the existing IPRO Allegro OCR functionality.

IPRO (Cloud) Imaging licensing is supported. When an eCapture Worker is set as IPRO (Cloud) Exclusive, an IPRO(Cloud) Imaging license is consumed for the Worker when an imaging task is accepted. The subscription license is released when the processing job completes.

In the Worker Status Information tab, the IPRO (Cloud) Worker Status column indicates the status: Eligible, Exclusive, or Ineligible.

  1. From the eCapture Controller menu, choose Tools > Task Table and Worker Management. The Task Table and Worker Management dialog appears.

  2. Click the IPRO ADD Worker Assignment tab.

  3. From the available Workers grid, select a Worker and click to move it to the IPRO ADD Workers grid. (To move the Worker back to the Available Workers grid, click ).

  4. Repeat step 3 for additional Workers.

  5. (Optional) To assign the Worker as IPRO (Cloud) Only (accepts IPRO (Cloud) tasks only) select the check box for that Worker in the IPRO ADD Workers grid.

  6. Click OK. In the Worker Status Information tab, the Status column displays the status for the Worker as indicated by the settings in the IPRO (Cloud) Worker Assignment dialog.


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