Reassign a Case (Project) to a Different Code Name

Projects (Cases) that were already saved may have their enterprise code name reassigned. An existing enterprise code name may be selected or a new enterprise code name may be created. Projects (Cases) can be easily re-assigned to different enterprise code names allowing for easier project (case) management overall.

Note: The project (case) name itself cannot be modified and will not change if the enterprise code name is changed.

  1. From the Client Management treeview, expand the Client to display its Projects (Cases).

  2. Right-click the project (case) to display the context menu.

  3. Choose Modify Project from the context menu. The Update Project (Case) dialog appears.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click to change the Enterprise Code Name drop-down menu to a text box. The changes to .

      Note: Click to change the text box back to a drop-down menu.

      Enter a new enterprise code name. A maximum of 256 Unicode characters are permitted. Ipro (Cloud) Services validates the uniqueness of the name, and if it is not unique, a prompt appears indicating to change the name. Once the enterprise code name is created, it will be available for selection from this point forward by clicking the drop-down menu. The new enterprise code name also appears in the Details tab for the Project.

    • In the Enterprise Details section, click the Enterprise Code Name drop-down arrow and select an existing enterprise code name for the project (case).

  5. Click OK.


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