Work with the View Tab Window

The View Tab Window displays the electronic file rendered by Oracle (formerly Stellent). Depending on the type of file, the View window may or may not have a toolbar at the bottom to facilitate navigation through the file.

Right-click in the View Tab Window to display a context menu where View, Size, Draft View, and other options can be selected on an individual document basis. These selections will not overwrite the settings in QC Options.

To set the View options, do the following:

  1. Choose Tools > QC Options from the menu bar to display the QC Options dialog.

  2. Click the Views Tab.

  3. Under Native Document View, the option Enable Native Document Viewing is selected by default. The View Tab window displays the file with the appropriate content. If this option is cleared, The View Tab window is still available for selection but it will not contain any rendered data/views.

  4. Under View Mode, select Draft, Normal, or Preview. Preview sizes include Full Size, Fit to Window, and Fit to Window Width.

  5. Click OK.


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