Open the Output Directory for the Selected Document

You can open the output directory where the Processing Job or Data Extract Job files reside for a selected document.

  1. In the Documents List window, right-click on a document.
  2. On the right-click context menu, click Utilities and then click Open Output Directory.

  3. Windows Explorer opens and displays the files associated with the selected document.

    The files are located in a path similar to the following:

    For a Processing Job

    ClientName\ProjectName\Processing Jobs\PJ000002\Output\1000\19\

    For a Data Extract Job

    ClientName\ProjectName\DataExtract Jobs\DE000001\Output\1000\4

Note: When this option is used with OCR pages missing text enabled (an option you can select when creating a Processing job or Streaming Discovery job), the TXT/CXT files are deleted from the output directory.


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