Start the eCapture Quality Control Module

Important: The eCapture QC Module and the eCapture Worker cannot run simultaneously on the same workstation. Before you start the eCapture QC module, exit the eCapture Worker: Right-click the eCapture Worker in the system tray and then click Exit.


  1. Start the eCapture module.There are three different ways to start the eCapture QC module.
    • Click the eCapture QC Module shortcut icon on the desktop.

    • Double click the QC.exe file in the eCapture Worker subdirectory.

    • In Windows 10, click Start > SearchQC.

  2. The first time you start the eCapture QC Module, the System Options dialog box appears. Enter the information required to connect with the SQL server.

Note: After the eCapture QC Module is open, if you want to create additional sessions, press ALT+FC to open a Processing Job or press ALT+FR to open a Data Extract Job. You can have multiple Processing Job sessions and /or Data Extract Job sessions open at the same time.

For more information about keyboard shortcuts for QC, see eCapture QC Keyboard Shortcuts List.


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