Copying the Native File to the System Temporary Directory

The native file for a selected document can be copied to a temporary directory and opened in Windows Explorer. For example, you can do this to obtain a copy of the native file for documents in large extracted email directories.

To copy the native file for a particular document:

  1. In the QC module, right-click on the document in the Documents List window. The right-click context menu displays.

  2. Choose Utilities > Copy native file to temporary directory.

    A directory named “Temp_<itemID>” is created in the system temporary directory. The native file is copied to the directory, and the Windows Explorer opens to the file’s location.

    Path Example: C:\Documents and Settings\TestMachine\Local Settings\Temp\Temp_10, where Temp_10 is the newly created directory with the Item ID. The native file is stored in this directory.


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