Frequently Asked Questions

ClosedHow do I add additional workers and/or QC Module Stations?

Set up a new workstation adhering to the system requirements for the module you want to install. On this new workstation, run the eCapture Single Installation Wizard and select Worker. Configure as desired. If you need assistance in this process, IPRO Support is available to assist.

ClosedCan I install the worker and the QC Module on the same workstation?

While these modules can be installed on the same machine, eCapture does not allow them both to run at the same time to avoid corruption and data loss. If you attempt to run them at the same time, an error displays, “Cannot start [Worker/QC] while [QC/Worker] is running”.

ClosedCan I Stop the eCapture Controller During Job Execution?

The eCapture Controller needs to be running in order for the jobs that are in the queue to complete.

ClosedWhy is my job not making any progress in the Controller, even though the status reads "In Progress"?

The status of a job in the Controller may read "In Progress" even when no Worker machine is running. Check the status of the Worker by viewing the Worker Status Information tab on the Controller. Alternatively, you can check the system tray for the Worker icon to make sure that the Worker has been started. For more information, see Create, Configure and Use eCapture Workers. Additionally, the Queue Manager may not be running. Its status can be viewed at the bottom of the Controller. If it shows (inactive), it needs to be started.

ClosedCan I run the Controller on Multiple Machines?

The full Controller (associated with a single eCapture Configuration database) may be run on multiple machines for more efficient management of jobs and improved auditing.

ClosedHow do I check the version of a job?

The JobStatuses table includes the CreatedVersion field. The database version, both major and minor, will display in the CreatedVersion field for each job. Each job in eCapture links to the JobStatuses table. These jobs include Discovery,Data Extract, Processing, Export, and Streaming Discovery. This allows for ease of version checking during the execution of any job type.

ClosedDoes eCapture support forensic image files?

The File Mounting Service (FMS) was added to the eCapture installation to support forensic file image handling in IPRO (Cloud) Media Manager. Contact IPRO Support if you need to install this optional feature. When a forensic disk image is encountered inside a discovered data set, the image is automatically mounted to allow for discovery and data extraction. Forensic image files may also be mounted and discovered directly from the Controller automatically.Two third-party applications may be used for mounting forensic image types: Mount Image Pro and OSFMount. The File Mounting Service uses Mount Image Pro by default. Only one third-party application may be used at a time. For more information, see Forensic Image Handling. Bear in mind that Mount Image Pro requires an additional license, for more information, go to

ClosedWhat permissions are required for users to update Workers?

Users must have full Administrator permission to those computers, workstations, servers, and other devices that they will use to install, run, and/or update the eCapture components. Worker maintenance includes updating worker patch directory and queuing the worker restart tasks. These tasks are performed from the eCapture Controller.

ClosedWhat permissions are required for users to update the SQL Server?

Users must have full Administrator permission to update the SQL Server.