Open a Case in TrialDirector 360 EVIDENCE

You want to open a case in TrialDirector 360 EVIDENCE so that you can present the case items inside.

You can begin presenting the items in a case by opening a case on the EVIDENCE Start Page.

Note: It is best to work with Presentation in dual monitor mode for all the options of working with case items to be available. However, it is also possible to use Presentation on a single monitor, though all the preview options before presenting items in a case will not be usable.

To view a case, select the EVIDENCE module and perform the following steps:

  1. Select a case from the Cases table on the EVIDENCE Start Page.

  2. With the case selected, click the Open Case button.

  3. The presentation and preview windows display in separate windows.

    Presentation Preview

    Presentation (Empty)

Note: You may also double click a case in the Cases table to open it.


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